Welcome to LittleFoxy.org!

So this is the part where I’m supposed to greet you and say something inciteful and witty, maybe even have a nifty splash-page picture. I’m not going to though. See this site is just something I play around with, and use to put stuff up that I want to find or occasionally show off.  So generally it doesn’t have any particular point to be cute with, plus I couldn’t draw a decent picture to save myself.

I’m not suffering from delusions of grandure, and am pretty bloody sure that the only people who ever look at this know me anyway (and have for years), so it doesn’t make much difference in the long run.  If I don’t know you, Hi, how’s it going?  If you just wandered here by accident you were probably looking for something else anyway; I’ll tell you right now I’m boring, so keep going and good luck finding whatever it was you were looking for.  On the off chance you actually came here on purpose, I’ve got a navagation bar up top which is self explanatory so I don’t need to bother talking about it here. *nods* Right then...

3/2015: Well, it’s been quite a while since I’ve done anything with this, and even longer since the site has had any kind of major revision.  And to put it politely things had gotten a bit dated.  Okay, it looked like geocities circa 1998 threw up on it.  I’d been in a pretty intensive graduate program, and every time I sat down to work on it (with my 2002 edition development software) things just seemed like a lot of effort and I should be studying and would rather be writing.  So nothing got done.  It basically came down to would I like to be creative or jack around doing web development.  Creative won.

And now here it is: a number version release!  It’s all modern and shiny, and at least 20% less crappy than previous versions.  I was going for 20% cooler, but eh, what can you do?  I’ve tried to update and expand things, but still keep a clean, minimalist design.  Or at least have it where you can navigate without having to figure out what I intended.  There’s some new projects, I’ve thinned out some outdated stuff, and there’s even a new story!

Getting the update completely rolled out is going to be a staged process, so core components will be brought online over a period of time until I get things where I want them.