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Containing three novellas, Crinkle Shorts 2 explores anthropomorphic AB\DL relationships in settings from the mundane to the magical and places in between.

Away at College chronicles the budding relationship between undergrads when a chance meeting one rainy night on a college campus leads to a secret being revealed, beliefs being questioned, and two young furs to discover that not everything you learn at school will be in a

Re-Tail is the story of a book store sales clerk who, through a chance encounter with a mysterious visitor, finds himself drug into a world of myths, legends…and diapers.

Where Wolves? Is the cautionary tale of a forest ranger who would come to discover that there are more things in the woods than are known to man, and that even in the middle of nowhere you should never assume that you’re alone…

Crinkle Shorts 2


From holiday parties and cozy nights at home to discovering new worlds or long days at the office, incorrigible road racers to that vacation that just refuses to work out as planned, Crinkle Shorts explores the possibilities of the world of Babyfurs and  Furry AB\DL relationships in all its diapered goodness.  So settle down with your favorite plushie, kick up your paws, and let me tell you a story…

Crinkle Shorts

I publish now!  These QP-format paperback books are about 300 pages, and are available anywhere that books are sold:, Barnes & Nobel, Rabbit Valley Press,, etc.  (They’re available for $5 less through Lulu, and I make more off sales through them.)  Rabbit Valley Press usually has them available at their booth at Fur Cons as well.