First replace all the bushings.  That used to be all you could do.  And  it wouldn't particularly help.  Thank the powers of the universe for  Weltmeister!  They now produce an auxiliary springs kit  for the 914  shifter, which actually fixes the problem. These are available through Performance Products. I highly recommend this kit, but it is truly a pain in the ass to install.

The directions say you can install this with simple hand tools.  They lie. You need at the very least a drill press or  you'll ruin your shift plate drilling the holes for the new springs.  Installing the springs: now this is a pain and a half in and of  itself.  There really isn't a good way to compress the springs, force  them into the gap in the plate, and run the pin in at the same time.  I  ended up  bending a piece of sheet metal into a sort of half-tube over  the top of the springs to keep them from slipping and flying up out of  the shifter plate.  I then used a c-clamp to compress the springs and a  screwdriver to shove the ends into the plate while a helper tapped the  pins in with a hammer.

Okay, yes that does sound like a whole lot of trouble, but when you get  it back together and adjusted correctly its great to be able to speed  shift up and down through the gears without having to be constantly  worrying that you'll miss the 1st to 2nd or accidentally clip reverse coming up from 3rd.  I'm pleased with the kit, I just feel it required more explicit  directions and possibly a shim included for holding in the springs.  It’s not as good as a direct-stick, but unless you plan on sitting on the rear trunk, nothing is going to be.

914 Shift Linkage Improvments