Welcome to the Potty

A Halloween Story

Ever since I was a little kit Halloween has been my favorite holiday: dressing up in costumes and getting to stay up late while people give you candy, how can you go wrong?  Grinning to myself in anticipation of the fun we would have this evening, I began setting out my costume while I waited for Lilly, my longtime girlfriend and more recent mommy to arrive home from work.  There had been a certain costume which I had wanted to wear for a while now, but I had never worked up the courage to before this year…  Laying an adult sized blue onsie on the bed, I added my paci and a pair of light green sandals to the pile before a little nervously getting a diaper from the dresser drawer where Lilly kept my collection of little kit things.

Plopping down cross-legged on the other side of the bed, I idly fidgeted with the diaper in my paws.  I remembered how nervous I had been that first time after Lilly had agreed to be my mommy, the first time someone else had seen the little kit inside the grown up fox.  Then again a while later when Lilly introduced me to a friend of hers from work, April, and her puppy Matt.  It had been a little scary having a play date with them for the first time, but Lilly had been there to reassure me, and once Matt and I got to know each other a little we all had a fun time.  Despite being a large German Shepherd, Matt had felt about the same way I did, and it had taken a good bit of coaxing by April before he would quit hiding behind the petite raccoon.

Meeting another AB and his mommy at our house or theirs was one thing, but I still couldn’t quite shake the feeling that spending an evening out in public would be something else entirely.  “It’ll be okay.” I said decisively, mostly to reassure myself “Besides, Matt will be dressed up too, and nobody is going to give him any grief!”  Matt worked for the local police department, and was a very fit and well built fur, not exactly the sort anyone would want to annoy… 

Sighing to myself I began stripping off my work clothes and changing into my little kit’s onsie.  I knew perfectly well that even if I talked myself out of it at the last moment Lilly knew it was something that I really wanted to try, and because of that she would put her paw down and not take no for an answer.  Lying down naked on the bed, I positioned the diaper under me, threading my tail through the tail hole and dusting on some baby powder before folding up the front and fastening the tapes.  Diaper taken care of, I made quick work of putting on the rest of my outfit, then curled up on the sofa to wait for everyone else to arrive.

Staring up at the ceiling fan, my view was suddenly replaced by a tan and black muzzle.  “Hewwo!” Matt exclaimed, looking down at me over the back of the sofa.  “Hellos!” I laughed back, batting away his muzzle playfully as I sat up.  Following behind Matt were April and Lilly, everyone already changed into their costumes.  Matt’s outfit wasn’t any surprise since I had seen him in it before: a shirt with a sort of balloon and cloud print, and a pair of shorts with a snap-up crotch and tail hole.  April had taken the easy way out this year, and was wearing one of Matt’s old police uniforms, minus the utility belt.  And Lilly…Lilly made me do a double-take.  My beautiful red fox was dressed in an outfit straight out of the renaissance, all green velvets and white lace with a demure little tiara which perfectly set off the black tips of her ears.  “Down boy!” she laughed when she saw my expression “No ravishing of damsels until later!”  “Oookay.” I sighed theatrically, getting up and following them back outside to the cars.

“We’re all going to go in Matt’s SUV, since it has the most room.” Lilly explained as we all piled in and Matt backed out of the driveway.  “First we were going to take care of the obligatory escorting of the relatives.” April began as she and Lilly exchanged small talk about the best neighborhoods to take the pups trick or treating.    Matt and April had a pretty large extended family between the two of them, and traditionally they took the family’s little brood out for their yearly adventure while the parents got some of the night off to themselves.  “They all think we’re saints…” April laughed “We take them every year and ‘always seem to have fun’.”  Everyone in the car exchanged grins at that, sharing the private joke.  Escort duty was a great yearly excuse to participate in the trick or treating without raising some uncomfortable questions.  “So what’s the plan after the family stuff?” Matt asked as we pulled into the driveway of a nice older house with a well-kept yard.  “Oh, we’ll just see where the night takes us!” Lilly laughed, exchanging a sly look with April.


We didn’t have time to cross-examine the two mommies.  Almost as soon as the car had stopped we saw a fuzzy little muzzle peek out one of the front windows, the door opened, and we were suddenly surrounded by a marauding band of assorted creatures.  “I guess we kept them waiting a little bit…” Matt laughed, scooping up a tiny raccoon who was at risk of being trampled by the mob and headed towards the door.  “April’s grandparents live here.” Matt explained “While we’re gone they’re going to set up a little Halloween party for the little guys…”  Following him inside, Lilly and I were introduced around the group of various parents, grandparents, and miscellaneous relatives before heading out into the neighborhood with our preteen horde.  There were about fifteen, all told, and Lilly and I quickly learned just how appreciated our assistance was.  The youngest of the lot were pretty easy to manage, but some of the older ones just couldn’t manage to stay with the group.  And, as the evening continued and they got more and more sugar into themselves it only got worse.  “You don’t happen to have a pair of handcuffs in there somewhere?” I grinned, eyeing April’s costume.  “Nope, sorry.” She nodded seriously “I left the belt at home.”  “In retrospect you probably should have brought it…” Matt sighed as we approached another house.

As much as we joked around, it was still a lot of fun to be out and about, and being able to swipe the occasional piece of candy here and there was an added bonus.  “No more for now.” Lilly chided me “You’re going to end up as hyper as the pups…”  “It’s okay.” I laughed “A little hyperactivity never hurt anyone.”  “And this is coming from the fox whom I distinctly heard threaten to duct tape anyone who got out of sight again to the nearest tree…” Matt commented with amusement.  “Oh go eat your candy.” I groused, popping a lollypop into his muzzle to efficiently end the conversation “Besides, there’s only a few more houses and we’ll be back home…”  “Which is probably a good thing.” April laughed “Did you see how that panda lady at the last house was checking you out?”  “Huh?” I replied dumbly, beginning to blush with enthusiasm.  Laughing good naturedly Lilly put her arm around me.  “That’s one of the reasons you’re such an endearing little kit, you’re about the most socially oblivious fur there is.”  “Why would I have the least bit of interest in other furs trying to flirt with me when I’ve already found the most beautiful, caring, perfect vixen there could ever be?” I asked, skritching Lilly behind the ear as it was her turn to blush.

Eventually we all tromped back to April’s grandparent’s house, to be greeted by the sight of a full fledged Halloween party having sprung up in the living room.  “And here we are.” April sighed happily as our little band dispersed amongst the games and d├ęcor.  Her relatives had done a really fantastic job with things, and as I watched some of the pups bob for apples on the back porch I couldn’t help but feel a little jealous and disappointed that I couldn’t join them.  Matt, I noticed, looked much the way I felt.  “Patience little one,” Lilly whispered in my ear “after we leave here we’ll all go find something fun to do, I promise.”  “Okay.” I sighed, before ambling over to the dinner table and helping myself to a pumpkin shaped cookie.


Eventually, with the excuse of a prior engagement, April and Matt extracted us from their family get together, but not before I had requisitioned us a sizable pile of candy, cookies, and other sugary goodness.  April had beaten Matt to the driver’s seat, so consequentially he and I ended up sharing the bench seat in the back.  “Beat you to the front!” April teased.  “S’okay.” Matt laughed “The candy is back here!”  Turning around to examine our stash, Lilly looked at me accusingly.  “I think somebody has been a naughty boy… Where did all that come from?”  “Midnight requisitioning.” I grinned through a mouthful of chocolate, sticking out my tongue.  “And what exactly does that mean?” she replied, arching an eyebrow accusingly.  “That’s military for he stole it.” Matt explained seriously, his sternness somewhat spoiled by the chocolate smear on his muzzle.  “Really.” Lilly stated bluntly “And what is military for ‘I’m going to spank his little diapered butt’?”  “Umm…I’m not sure…” Matt replied, becoming much less helpful with the threat of a spanking hanging over my head.  Sighing mildly, Lilly reached over and snagged a piece of candy from our pile and turned back around, adding that “We’ll discuss this more later.”

A bit later after everything had settled down again, something occurred to me.  “Where are we going?” I asked.  “I’ll tell you two when we get there.” April decided “We’re almost there anyway…”  We drove for a little while longer through a neighborhood which I didn’t recognize before stopping across the street from a large house with a driveway full of cars.  “Halloween party…” I deduced “Whose is it?  I didn’t think we knew anyone in this neighborhood…”  “You don’t, yet.” Lilly laughed “But April and I have met them, and they’re a good bunch of furs.”  This really wasn’t a comfortable development for me.  I tend to be pretty shy, and meeting a house full of new furs isn’t my idea of a great time.  Looking over next to me, I could see that Matt was having similar thoughts.  “Why don’t we take a rain check on the party and go find something else to do.” I suggested.  “Nope.” Lilly disagreed sternly in a tone I had come to know meant that she would not be budged.  “We’re all going to the party, and you’re going to be a good little kit and not gripe about it, or else you’re going to get a time out.”  “Okay, okay.” I sighed.  Lilly was a great mommy, but she had no trouble putting her kit back in line if she felt I needed it.  Arguing would be futile, and quite possibly end in a sore bottom.

After a few more reassurances, we all climbed out of the car and crossed the street.  April rang the doorbell while Matt and I kind of hung back behind her and Lilly.  As I fidgeted with my paci the door opened to reveal a Siamese dressed up as a witch.  “Lilly!  April!  You made it!  And these must be the little ones I’ve heard so much about!”  Exchanging confused glances, Matt and I followed them inside.  A Halloween party was in full swing, complete with cheesy decorations and spooky music.  A relatively normal group of furs in a variety of costumes were socializing in a comfortably furnished living room.  Things were not exactly making a lot of sense, but everyfur seemed to be smiling cheerfully so Matt and I hesitantly followed Lilly and April towards the group.  “No, no” the Siamese chided us “Downstairs is for bigfurs.  I’ll take you upstairs to meet the rest of the playgroup.”  “Better go with Stephanie.” April smiled “Lilly and I have to go get your things out of the car, and then we’ll be up to check on you in a little bit.”  “But…” I began to argue, feeling lost and more than a little nervous.  “No buts.” Lilly said firmly, indicating that I should go.  Sighing deeply, I hurried to catch up with the Shepherd and Siamese.  I must have looked a little sick to my tummy as we ascended the staircase, because Stephanie put her arm around my shoulder.  “It’s okay to be nervous; everyone is when they first come to the playgroup…  I’ll make sure my kitten keeps an eye on you and introduces you around, okay?”  For lack of a more suitable response I just nodded.

At this point even a fur as dense as I tend to be would have a pretty good idea what to expect as we rounded the landing and walked down the hall to a bedroom with a toddler gate across the door.  What I hadn’t expected was how extensive Stephanie’s nursery was.   The room was decorated in pastels with blue and pink striped wallpaper and matching curtains.  Along one wall was a crib and changing table, in another corner was a high chair, and in a third was a huge television and video game console with a surround sound system and DVD player. (I guess an adult fur’s salary will buy some nice toys…)  Several babyfurs were sitting on beanbag chairs intently playing a racing game, while others played with other toys, or just curled up in an out of the way place with a pillow and blanket.  “This would be really neat if I didn’t feel like I was going to be sick…” I whispered to Matt as Stephanie ushered us into the room.  “Yeppers.” He agreed, looking quite a bit less nervously than I felt.  Matt tended to take things in stride a lot easier than I do, I guess it’s one of the benefits of being a cop…  “We’ll have playtime for a while, then we have some party games set up downstairs for everyone.” Stephanie explained before hailing a male Siamese who was busy making a castle with a female dragon in the middle of the room.  “Jonny!”  Padding over in a red sleeper, Stephanie introduced us “This is my kitten Jonathan, Jonny meet Matt and Nick!  They’re new and a little bit shy still, so take care of them for mommy, okay?”  “Okie.” Jonny nodded, dragging us not quite kicking and screaming into the group.


Jonny was a good host, for a four year old.  After being introduced around Matt had joined the group by the videogame.  I was still having problems with those damn tummy butterflies which were absolutely refusing to go away, and after a few attempts to get me to join them Matt eventually decided that I needed to settle in at my own speed, and turned his full attention to the game.  Pacing around the room a little bit, I began to get myself more and more worked up, until when someone tapped me on the shoulder I nearly jumped out of my diaper.  Turning around, I found the female dragon who had been playing with the blocks earlier.  “You’re pretty high strung.” She observed “I was thinking maybe you should come sit down with Jonny and me and settle down a bit before you make yourself sick.”  “Too late.” I sighed mournfully as she took my paw and led me over to the castle-in-progress, grabbing a big cushion along the way.  “There, now sit.” She instructed.  Settling down on the cushion, I commented that “You’re kind of pushy for a hatchling…”  Flashing me a toothy grin she explained that “I can breathe fire, so I get to be pushy.”  “Good point.  Well made.” I grinned back, popping my paci in my muzzle and curling up with my head propped up on my elbows to watch her and Jonny work on the building project.  “This really isn’t that scary.” I mused to myself as I just kind of took in the scene surrounding me “Lilly was right, I think we’re going to like it here…”  Before too long I found myself beginning to drowse comfortably, to Li’s great amusement.  “We were trying for calm and ended up with comatose.” She joked to Jonny.

“I’s awake.” I argued, scooting over a little on my cushion as Matt came over and joined us.  “Okay.” He shrugged, having missed the first bit of the conversation.  “Li, Matt.  Matt, Li.” I introduced.  “I got tired of the game so I thought I’d come check on him.” Matt explained to Jonny and Li as I wiggled around a little and used his thigh for a pillow.  “Nick’s kind of my littler brother, and sometimes new furs are a bit scary for him, so I’s have to take care of him for Aunt Lilly.”  “That’s good.” Jonny agreed, passing him a pawful of blocks.

Pretty soon Jonny, Matt, and Li were having a grand old time putting the finishing touches on the castle, and even I had relaxed enough that I was starting to really enjoy myself.  “I wonder what mommy Lilly is doing…” I mused.  “Bigfur things.” Matt shrugged, not particularly curious about it.  Looking up at a clock over on the wall, Jonny declared that “They’s will all probably be up here soon for snack time, then we’s will all go downstairs for Halloween games!”  Noticing a slight odor, I giggled and looked up at Matt.  “That’s good, ‘cause I thinks you’re wet!”  “Uh huh.” He nodded, blushing a little bit “I’s kind of hungry too…”  Almost prophetically, a cheerful voice from the direction of the doorway called out “Who wants cookies?” at which point practically everyfur in the room excitedly started over towards the gate where Stephanie and another fur I didn’t recognize had appeared with a heaping serving cart as the caretakers from downstairs had moved their party to the playroom.

Lilly found Matt and I and we situated ourselves in an out of the way corner, avoiding the hustle and bustle around the food cart.  “April is grabbing some goodies for us.” She explained cheerfully “They’ve got practically anything a Babyfur could want over there, so it will be interesting to see what she chooses!”  “Food is good for eating.” I agreed seriously, seeing April appear out of the crowd by the cart and meander over to our spot.  “So, did you two have a good time downstairs?” Matt asked as she set out two jars of baby food and a plate of cookies.  “Very much so.” April nodded “It’s really been nice having a whole group of furs to talk to about our particular little domestic situation.”  “We’re having fun too…it’s really great to be able to be myself around an entire room of furs…” I nodded, reaching for a cookie, only to have my paw lightly slapped by Lilly. “You can’t have any cookies until after you finish your dinner.” She explained, opening a jar of pureed green beans and dipping out a spoonful.  “Eww, yucky.” I groaned.  “Maybe, but they’re good for you.” Lilly shrugged unsympathetically “So no beans, no cookies.”  “Mean.” I grumbled, but submitted to her dietary demand.  Matt, I noticed a bit jealously, had gotten peaches for his dinner.

Over time I managed to finish off my beans, but was really looking forward to a cookie to get the taste of the puree out of my muzzle.  I liked being fed, but it works so much better when the food is something that you actually want to eat…  No wonder so many furs think their kits are picky eaters, if they’d try the foods parents would know exactly why…  The cookies turned out to be pretty good too. ”Mmm…cookie!” I laughed as I had my second one.  “Yes, I noticed.” Lilly grinned “But you really shouldn’t eat too many or you’ll be too full for the Halloween party…”  “Speaking of which” April commented to Matt, looking at her watch “we should probably get you changed here before it starts.”  “Okies!” he nodded enthusiastically as she produced his diaper bag “Cans we use the c’anging table?”  “We may as well.” April agreed “Nobody else is right now…”

“What about you?” Lilly asked me, reaching over and checking under the elastic of my diaper “No, guess not, still dry!”  “Yeppers.” I sighed “I guess I don’ get to use the table…”  “Well, maybe later.” She laughed, skritching my headfur.  As she rounded up our things, a male skunk approached us.  “Excuse me,” he asked politely “would you mind if I steal a diaper from you two?  That’s the same brand my little girl wears…we were kind of rushed out on the way here, and I grabbed the wrong diaper bag…”  Sheepishly he opened up his backpack to reveal a collection of things far too small for anyone in the room.  Laughing good naturedly, Lilly indicated that he should help himself.  “The good news is that we got our regular sitter, since she knows where we keep everything in the apartment she shouldn’t have to grab anything out of the diaper bag we left...which makes for a lot less tricky questions.”


After everyone had been fed and changed as necessary, our party all headed back downstairs where things had changed since last I had seen it.  Besides the Halloween decorations that had been there when we had arrived, a variety of party games had been set up, and the furniture largely moved out of the way so we could all have free reign in the room.  “This looks like fun!” April commented enthusiastically as the babyfurs dispersed around the room.  Lilly and April went to talk with some of the bigfurs while Matt and I wandered around the room, eventually ending up in a candy hunt made up of a large pile of hay in the corner of the room.  (It was going to be a real task to clean up in the morning…)  Candy is good, but having a huge pile of hay to burrow around in is a far rarer treat, and we rapidly gave up on the goodies.  Digging down into the pile, I ran across a familiar brown and black tail.  “Gotcha!” I laughed, grabbing on to Matt’s tail and trying to tickle him.  “Gotcha back!” the much larger German Shepherd grinned back as he pinned me down in the hay and started to tickle me mercilessly.  “Okay!  Okay!” I gasped out; laughing hysterically “You win!”  “I’s don’t think you’ve learned your lesson!” Matt laughed mischievously.  Because of the weight difference, and the fact that the police department had trained him to corral unruly furs, there wasn’t much I could do to escape from Matt.  “I’ve learned!  I’ve learned!” I giggled, when suddenly I felt a spreading warm sensation in my diaper.

“You’s wet.” Matt teased, letting me sit up and catch my breath.  “Gee, I wonder why.” I griped good naturedly as I shook the straw out of my headfur “Now Lilly has to go and change me instead of talking with the bigfurs…she’s going to be mad at you!”  “No she won’t.” Matt grinned, getting up too “And you’ll get to use the changing table...I think I’ll go try bobbing for apples while you’re gone…”  “I thought you didn’t like apples.”  “I don’t, but April does, so she can have them.”

Padding over to where Lilly and April were talking with Stephanie and some of the other bigfurs I pulled on her tail and announced cheerfully that “Matt tickled me a bunch and now I’m wet.”  “Well, we’ll have to do something about that, won’t we?” Lilly nodded, excusing herself from the group.  Grabbing our diaper bag, she took me by the paw and led me back upstairs to the playroom.  “I guess we’ll get to try the changing table out.” She mused “We ought to think about getting a bigger apartment at some point, then maybe we could get some furniture…”  The skunk who had borrowed a diaper from us earlier and his little girl were just finishing up in the playroom as we arrived, passing us on the stairs, so we didn’t have to wait for a little bit of privacy.  Some of the furs we had met tonight were far more comfortable with things than I was, and just got changed in an out of the way place downstairs, but I was way too self-conscious for that, and besides, we wanted to try out that changing table…

“Okay, hop up.” Lilly instructed, patting the vinyl covered pad on the table.  Sliding up on it, I found myself staring up at the ceiling where Stephanie and Jonny had affixed a small galaxy of those glow in the dark plastic stars.  Lilly, meanwhile had unsnapped the crotch of my onsie, and folded it out of the way before unfastening the tapes and removing my old diaper.  Dropping it in a conveniently placed diaper pail, she dug out a packet of wipes and began cleaning me up a little bit.  “You know, I think I like this table, it’s a lot easier to deal with than changing you on the floor.” Lilly mused.  “I likes it ‘cause it’s all crinkly.” I nodded, shifting around a little to make the vinyl covering on the pad rustle.  “That it does.” She agreed, slipping a fresh diaper under my bottom and fastening up the tail hole.  Then, after sprinkling on some powder and a bit of diaper cream she folded up the front and fastened the tapes.  “Would you like your onsie back on, or just the diaper?” Lilly asked, picking a few straggling pieces of straw out of my headfur.  “I’s want the onsie back.” I replied firmly, still not quite comfortable enough in this new situation to be exposed that extra little bit.  “Okay.” Lilly nodded “Maybe next time then.”  In short order she had me all snapped up and we were heading back down to the party.

As we sat down with April and Matt the first thing I noticed was a large pile of apples and the soaked but oh so amused expression on Matt’s muzzle.  “Good hunting?” I asked, flopping down on the floor next to him.  “Yep.  I returned victorious with many kills to feed my pack.”  “Proud of you.” I joked, stifling a yawn.  “Are you a bit over stimulated?” Lilly asked, skritching behind my ears.  “A little.” I agreed “I might curl up with my plushie for a while…”  “It’s a lot to take in over one evening.” She agreed “Why don’t I fix you a bottle of something and we can just kind of cuddle up and watch for a while?”  “That sounds really great.” I nodded, rooting through the bag for my plush husky and a blankie.  “Okay, you get settled down a bit, and I’ll go get your ba-ba.”

At the edge of the room where the furniture had been moved to I located a promising looking leather sofa, which, happily, was long enough for me to curl up on with room to spare.  Snuggling down into the pleasantly overstuffed cushions I pulled my blankie up over me and was just getting comfortable when Lilly returned with my bottle.  Making room for her on the sofa, I ended up lying down with my head in her lap, enjoying the soft texture of her costume’s velvet.  Yawning a little bit, I allowed Lilly to feed me my bottle, which turned out to contain warm milk instead of the juice I had expected.  Between the late hour, my cozy spot, and the milk, what was going to be a relaxing little cuddle ended up turning into a full-blown nap.


The next thing I remember was someone gently chiding me to “wake up just a little so we can get to the car, okay?”  I really didn’t want to move, but not cooperating wasn’t a good option either, so I did my best to wake up, and, leaning heavily on Matt (who must have found some coffee or something) I somehow managed to make it into the back seat of the car, waving sleepily at Stephanie and Jonny on the way out the door.  Curling up across the rearmost row of seats, I was well on my way back to sleep when the hum of the engine and a little jolt of movement told me we were on our way home.  “It looks like everyone had a good time after all…” April commented from a great distance away in the world of the waking.  “I thought they would once they got to know everyone.” Lilly agreed “Though it looks like my little kit had a bit too much excitement for one night…”  “Fun.” I mumbled more than a little incoherently, not even bothering to open my eyes “I likes the playgroup.”  “I knew you would!” Lilly agreed, sounding deeply satisfied.  “Uh huh.” I nodded before drifting off completely “…can’t wait for Christmas…”

The End.  Happy Halloween!