My Stories

I write Babyfur fiction, but according to my analytics tracker there’s a really good chance you already knew that.  Babyfurs are the intersection of AB/DL and the Furry fandom.  (Insert standard disclaimer about non-mainstream themes.  Don’t like it, don’t read it.)  Everything herein is copyrighted to myself, and may not be used or republished in any form without my express written permission. I work in the legal field, and vigorously defend my intellectual property.  My preferred venue is the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas--they know me there, and run a ‘rocket docket’.  As a policy I will bring all cases to trial, I do not arbitrate or settle claims.  It costs me nothing but my time.  (Fun fact: it costs our office about $450 to litigate a mass tort claim, assuming we don’t have to kick in for a skip tracer or one of our digital forensics guys...that’s pretty much beer money for a weekend.)  If you run across any of my work published “not here”, I’d appreciate you letting me know.